Vassilis Kanellopoulos

Vassilis Kanellopoulos was born in Athens in 1994, his origins are from Messinia, Peloponnese.  With his parents  encouragement he started taking guitar lessons at a very early age and completed his studies at the Municipal Conservatory of Petroupoli  under the guidance of professor Vassilis Kanaras (Diploma A straight and 1st prize).  He has received 16 awards in national competitions and has attended seminars by Evangelos Assimakopoulos, Lisa Zoe, Notis Mavroudis etc. He has appeared as soloist guitarist nationwide in major concert halls.

In 2010 the magazine “K” of newspaper Kathimerini, published his interview, while conducting a survey for the “Golden Adolescents” with a corresponding display on television. He studies Musicology at the University of Athens (specializing in Byzantine Musicology).

At the same he extensively occupies himself in the study of Greek music and Eastern music, playing land lute (professors Christos Zotos, Lefteris Fragioudakis) with important appearances to his credit.

He has collaborated with major singers and musicians such as Nena Venetsanou, Costas Pavlopoulos, Nick Yasemi-Sargouda etc. He has collaborated with important composers such as Costas Grigoreas, Michael Archontides,Costas Tsilidis, Nick Pipperis and young rising composers with a bright future as Dimitris Katharopoulos and Dimitris Nanos.

A turning point in his career is the collaboration with the great composer and author Kostas Mylonas, creating his first music record, with artistic songs together with the guitarist Miltiades Karaiskos.

Finally, he is a guitar teacher at the  Greater Conservatory of Nikaia and at the Peloponnesian Association of Petroupoli.