Konstantinos Kirolytis – Dionyssia Tronti

Konstantinos Kirolytis Konstantinos is considered a highly talented guitarist of the younger Greek guitarists’ generation. In 2000 he received his diploma with honours from George’s Mavroedes class. Alongside his studies in guitar he studied at counterpoint class of John Christofilos at the “Attic Conservatory” from where he graduated with Distinction in June 2002. He has … Read more

Nikos Koutsioulis – Dimitris Tsimponis

Nikos Koutsioulis was born in the city of Larissa in 1971. He began his studies of guitar in Larissa and continued his studies at the Macedonian Conservatory of Thessaloniki where he received his diploma with excellent degree from Lambro Becki’s diploma class. In addition to his studies at the Macedonian Conservatory in Thessaloniki, he attended … Read more

Letta Vasileiou

Letta Vasileiou  was born in Athens. She studied the guitar under the guitarist and composer Notis Mavroudis and was awarded her Degree and Diploma with honors and distinctions. She also studied music theory, piano and horn. She has attended various master classes given by greek and foreign performers. At present, she teaches at the “Technotropia” … Read more

Angelos Nikolopoulos

Born in Athens, he studied guitar with Charalabos Ekmektsoglou and Andreas Paleologos and economics at the National University of Athens. He did postgraduate musical studies in Spain, Belgium, France and Hungary. Chamber music and collaborating the guitar with other instruments in various music styles, from Renaissance to contemporary improvisation and stimulating composers to write new … Read more