Guitar competition

2018 - Competition Winners

Winners 2018

Winners of the 15th Guitar Competition 2018

Category C (>17 years)

1st prize : Konstantinos Zachariades (+ Guitar of 5.000 euro by Yiannis Seintoulas)
2nd prize : Markos Destefanos
3rd prize : Aleksander Pankowski vel Jankowski
Special award - Rafael Costa

Category B (14 - 17 years)

Special award - Sofia Tyrovola

Category A (<14 years)

2nd prize : Eliana Pouliou

15th Guitar Competition

Hermoupolis guitar festival announce the 15th International guitar Competition as part of the 25th edition of the Festival.
The competition is open to all classical guitarists, irrespective of nationality.

There will be 3 age categories and the competition will be conducted in 2 rounds
(The A Category -up to 14 years old - has only one round)

Categories and program

(A) Junior category:
up to 14 years old (born after July 1st, 2004).

Two or more pieces but the total time not to exceed 7 minutes.

(B) Youth Category:
from 14 to 17 years old (born between July 1st 2004 and July 1st 2001).

A free choice program not to exceed 8 minutes.