Concerts at 25th Guitar Festival

Monday, July  23

Ethrion of Municipality, at 20.30 h
«The magic sound of guitar ensemles»
Part A:  «Wieczorek Guitar Trio (Poland)»
Katarína Wieczoreková, Franciszek Wieczorek, Radoslaw Wieczorek
Part B:  "Hesperia" Guitar Orchestra -  Direction: Fragoulis Karagianopoulos

Tuesday, July 24

Cyclades gallery, at 20.30 h
«The guitar sings»
Part A:  Soren Boedker Madsen (Denmark), recital with famous songs transcriptions.
Part B:  “ Konstantinos Kirolytis - Dionyssia Tronti ” Guitar duet

Wednesday, July 25

Piatsa, Ano Syros, at 20.30 h
«From Lorca to Dylan»
Part A:  Diamantis Diamantidis, Ballads of the world
Part B:  Angelica Kokkinis (voice), Panos Dramytinos (Guitar) Federico Garcia Lorca songs.

Thursday, July 26

Cyclades gallery, at 20.30 h
«The new generation of guitarists»
Part A:  Radoslaw Wieczorek (Poland)», guitar recital
Part B:  Kostas Manolkidis, guitar recital (Hermoupolis competition winner of 2017)

Friday, July 27

Holy Monastery of the Sisters of Mercy, at 20.30 h
«Guitar Gala»
A guitar panorama of 25th festival (ensembles, competition winners).  
Angelos Nikolopoulos conduct the festival guitar orchestra.

(All concerts are with free entrance)