Concerts at 25th Guitar Festival

Concerts on 25 & 26 July are canceled

Participating in the mourning for the victims of the deadly fires in Attica, the scheduled concerts of the 25th Guitar Festival on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th July are canceled.

Monday, July  23

Ethrion of Municipality, at 20.30 h
«The magic sound of guitar ensemles»
Part A:  «Wieczorek Guitar Trio (Poland)»
Katarína Wieczoreková, Franciszek Wieczorek, Radoslaw Wieczorek
Part B:  "Hesperia" Guitar Orchestra -  Direction: Fragoulis Karagianopoulos

Tuesday, July 24

Cyclades gallery, at 20.30 h
«The guitar sings»
Part A:  Soren Boedker Madsen (Denmark), recital with famous songs transcriptions.
Part B:  “ Konstantinos Kirolytis - Dionyssia Tronti ” Guitar duet

Wednesday, July 25

Piatsa, Ano Syros, at 20.30 h
«From Lorca to Dylan»
Part A:  Diamantis Diamantidis, Ballads of the world
Part B:  Angelica Kokkinis (voice), Panos Dramytinos (Guitar) Federico Garcia Lorca songs.

Thursday, July 26

Cyclades gallery, at 20.30 h
«The new generation of guitarists»
Part A:  Radoslaw Wieczorek (Poland)», guitar recital
Part B:  Kostas Manolkidis, guitar recital (Hermoupolis competition winner of 2017)

Friday, July 27

Holy Monastery of the Sisters of Mercy, at 20.30 h
«Guitar Gala»
A guitar panorama of 25th festival (ensembles, competition winners).  
Angelos Nikolopoulos conduct the festival guitar orchestra.

(All concerts are with free entrance)