2006 Competition results

Winners of the 4th Guitar Competition 2006

Category C (17 years old and above)

1st Prize - Giorgos Tosikian
2nd Prize - Timoleon Chaliamalias
3rd Prize - Konstantinos Ressopoulos

Category B (from 14 to 17 years old)

1st Prize - Panagiota Sotiropoulou
2nd Prize - Nikolaos Naziris

Category A (up to 14 years old)

Special Award - Christos Karakatsanis

2006 - 13th festival

Remco de Haan and Erik Westerhof,

David Grimes (USA)

From Greece:
Eva Fampas,
Vangelis Germanos,
Panagiotis Deligiannis,
Angelos Tsagkarakis,
Kostas Tseregof,
Korina Vougiouka,
Sofia Kosmidi,
Michalis Mauromichalis