27th Guitar Festival

July 27 – 31, 2021

Hermoupolis Guitar Festival is regarded as one of the top guitar festivals in Greece, noted both for its high quality events as well as its unique friendly atmosphere. It takes place every July in Hermoupolis, the capital of Syros and Cyclades islands, in the heart of Aegean sea and it showcases a wide range of high quality events.


Founded in 1994 by the guitarist Angelos Nikolopoulos it celebrates 27 years of continous presence.
It’ s a five-day summer festival open to guitarists of any age and at any stage of their careers, a creative gathering of musicians, teachers and students with a warm audience. You’ll meet them all over the city, on the streets, in restaurants, in cafes and sit among them in the intimate venues!

It gives unforgettable events to the audience and step expression to young artists while enriches experiences for students through active participation in seminars, competitions and music ensembles.
It includes solo and ensemble performances from various music genres, master classes, competitions and a guitar orchestra formed by festival participants.
It’s an inspirational journey that explores the power of music to unite people from around the world.

Come join this extraordinary combination of music and vacation.
Enjoy the bright sun of Cyclades and the deep blue of Aegean Sea, during a great guitaristic event this summer.

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