Letta Vasileiou

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Letta Vasileiou  was born in Athens. She studied the guitar under the guitarist and composer Notis Mavroudis and was awarded her Degree and Diploma with honors and distinctions. She also studied music theory, piano and horn. She has attended various master classes given by greek and foreign performers. At present, she teaches at the “Technotropia” conservatory and at the “Ecole Hellinoelvetique”.

She is also the author of many children’s books as she has been drawn towards writing since early youth.
She has published the following books:
“ The Princess of the bottom of the sea” “Mimis the Bigfeet” “ The kitten that wanted to be an astronaut”, “Four friends looking for the earth” (Minoas editions), “Tsirlimingos the quiet elf” (Papadopoulos editions), “ The flying Marbles” (Minoas editions), “A little tortoise called Louie” (Hellenic Letters editions),  “The Santa Clause mix-up”, “ The Christmas starfish” and “Children of the sky” (Kedros editions).

In an attempt to combine literature and music she does interactive music presentations of her children’s books; furthermore, her CDs “The Siver-Green Forest: The Animal School” and “The Silver-Green Forest: Christmas Time” have been released by Acroasis music label, while “The Silver Green Forest: Summer Camp” is due to be released within the next year. Apart from her work as a lyricist and composer, she has rendered the libretto of the children’s opera “Brundibar” into Greek and has participated in the production of the CDs  “The instruments and the drums” and “A sweet goodnight”.

She is a member of the Women’s Writers Fellowship as well as the Greek Society of Children’s Books Writers. She also studies European Civilization at the Greek Open University.

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