2009 Competition results

Winners of the 6th Guitar Competition 2009

Category C (17 old and above)

1st prize: Panagiotis Megarchiotis (25th)
2nd prize: Konstantinos Ressopoulos (21st)
3rd prize: Nikolaos Mparoutsakis (15th)

Category B (from 14 to 17 years old)

1st prize: Despoina Plyta (15th)
3rd prize: Angelos Efstratiou (15th)
3rd prize: Kyriakos Axiotis (15th)

Category A (up to 14 years old)

2nd prize: Enrikos Mpitsakos (13th)
3rd prize: Iason Nikolaou (11th)
3rd prize: Stafanos Katapodis (11th)

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