Frangoulis Karagiannopoulos

He was born in Athens in 1977. He studied guitar under N. Hadjieleftheriou and obtained his Diploma from the “National Conservatory” of Athens with the grade of “Unanimous Excellence and 1st Prize”.

He also studied Upper Music Theory with Professor A. Nastos at the Municipal Conservatory of Moschato. He continued his studies in Composition under the Professor F. Tsalachouris at the Kodali Conservatory, where he graduated with “Unanimous Excellence”.

He has participated in a number of seminars and masterclasses with great guitar artists and professors (R. Aussel, R. Dyens, J. Urshalmi, E. Boudounis). Moreover, he has had a long-time apprenticeship alongside the conductor, pianist and professor at Royal Manchester College of Music, G. Hatzinikos.

A musician with a remarkable artistic presence that counts numerous appearances in major concert halls, music scenes and Internationally Recognized Music Festivals. His assets include recordings, radio and television presentations. Since 2005, he is member of the Guitarte Ensemble, a group of guitarists with an important artistic career.

In addition to his artistic activity, he is a guitar professor at the National Conservatory’s departments of Piraeus & Hymettus. He is the creator, teacher and director of the “Hesperia Guitar Orchestra”, a group of young guitarists which has already given samples in the guitar scene by interpreting works from Greek composers, as well as classical works’ transcripts for a guitar ensemble.

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