Miaouli square

Hermoupolis is the capital and main city of the island of Syros and the Cyclades prefecture.
A town at the middle of Aigeon sea, a city of elegance and nobleness In the Greek entirety and particularly in the Cyclades, Hermoupolis enjoys the greatest density in the neoclassical history of architecture.
Built in an amphithetrical way, comprises of neoclassical buildings, old mansions, marble paved streets, squares, churches, white washed houses on the surrounding hills and mausoleums.

A lot of European architects, mainly Germans and Italians, and also Greeks, kept line with two orders.

They respected the classical ancient Greece and harmonised it with the Romanticism of the West.
Visitors who wish to learn some of the History of the island are welcome to visit the Town Hall, being the largest in Greece created by Tsiller, the municipal Apollo Theatre, which is a miniature of the La scala in Milan, the Public Library, where rare editions can be found and the Art Gallery of the Cyclades with always interesting excibitions.

The economic prosperity of Hermoupolis was followed by social and cultural development.
This initiated the formation of a pure Greek bourgeoisie in the town of the profit – making and learned Hermes. This class expressed themselves through active social and itellectual activities, Cultural centres, theatres, music halls, clubs, charity institutions, printing-houses, libraries and a remarkably polyphonous press made Hermoupolis outstanding.
Its name was heard beyond the borders of the Aegean sea, in the European salons.

The radiance of the wealth and spirit attracted the first tourists to Greece.
Innumerable monumental architectural constructions still stand and glory in their beauty in Hermoupolis.
Marble public buildings, mansions with marble frontage and rich architectural decor are marvelous works of art and beauty which has been preserved intact.

The church architecture in the recent years is also interesting. The artistic sculptured temples of the churches, in baroque or the renaissance order, make a great impression.
The choirs and the organ in the Mass offer unique pleasure throughout the year. One can also admire the icon of the Assumption of Virgin Mary by D. Theotokopoulos (El Greco) in the church of the Asssumption.

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