2011 festival story

During 18th Hermoupolis festival we had wonderful concerts.


  • Leon de Kroes and D&A guitar duo at Apollon theater.
  • Alexandros Kalkos and Malekaki – Papoutsaki Duo at Cyclades Gallery
  • Celtoi – Irish band at Metamorfosis Garden
  • Andromidas group at Villa Tsiropina and
  • Final concert with orchestra and competition winners at Apollon Theatre

Master class – Competition

At inspriring Gallery of Cyclades Students had some valuable master classes with:
Leon de Kroes, Dimitris Kourzakis, Angelos Botsis and Alexandros Kalkos

At Cyclades Gallery took place also the competiton.

You can see 2011 competiton results here >>

Orchestra, Workshop, Collaborate study

The participants orchestra with the direction of Angelos Nikolopoulos played pieces by Xatzidakis and Bregovic at the final concert in the marvelous Apollon Theater.

This year we introduced collaborate study between students with great succes.

Also Alexandros Kalkos gave a presentation on Tablature. These activites were hosted at the friendly “Delice” cafe

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