2012: Festival story

During all these years each festival had something unique, but the 19th … was something special!Maybe was the magic concerts, maybe the fantastic company between  the participant students and musicians, maybe the wonderful and overcrowded audience but the 19th, was an unforgettable festival. Concerts We had an extraordinary guitar recital by George Tosikian the 1st … Read more

2011 festival story

During 18th Hermoupolis festival we had wonderful concerts. Concerts Leon de Kroes and D&A guitar duo at Apollon theater. Alexandros Kalkos and Malekaki – Papoutsaki Duo at Cyclades Gallery Celtoi – Irish band at Metamorfosis Garden Andromidas group at Villa Tsiropina and Final concert with orchestra and competition winners at Apollon Theatre Master class – … Read more

I hope I will be able to go there again..

A video review of 18th Hermoupolis Guitar Festival by Gergely Gembela. Gergely is a 10 year child from Hungary, he won the first prize in 2011 competition and he is allready an amazing guitarist !Gergely writes: This is a short summary of Hermopoulis Guitar Festival 2011 in Syros where I had the chance to take … Read more

A great summer

A great summer vacation with guitar music, nice people,and great food… Could the sound of classical guitar music ringing through the clear night air on a remote island warm your heart? Do daydreams of peaceful or romantic evenings on a moonlit beach play in your mind? Do you enjoy trying new foods, meeting kind people, … Read more

A European event

We would like to point out the European dimension of this event, which seems to us a very valuable contribute to the unification and artistical communication between musicians and audience, It ‘s a most precious contribute to the European cultural landscape. The artists, coming from Europe, America and Asia held their performances in different locations … Read more

An event that can help the guitar grow

A summertime week on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, with nightly concerts in a number of charming locations?The city of Hermoupolis is quaint and relatively unspoiled, somewhat off the beaten track for the jet-Set tourists. Laid out around a harbor and up the surrounding hills, it offers picturesque sights, a lovely ambience and … Read more