Maria Fragkiadaki

Maria Fragkiadaki was born in Crete and grew up in Athens.
She studied at the National Conservatory of Athens classic guitar with Teris Karapanagiotis and Irine Konsta and Harmony and Counterpoint with Spyros Klapsis.

She was fortunate enough to have met and worked with George Hadjinikos whom she considers was the most influential teacher she ever had.
She has taken voice courses with Kaiti Papalexopouloy, Nino Embralitze and Hubert Weller.
She has studied Early Music with Efi Minakouli and Iakovos Pappas.
She has taken acting lessons with Evdokimos Tsolakidis and Yiorgos Karamichos at the Theater of Changes in Athens. She has participated in many festivals, mostly in France as a duet with Sébastien Vachez.

She is always trying to understand the world around her by music and it is this research that led her to the creation of this program. A musical trip to ancient times and ancient lands.

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